Best Firestick Remote Cover for FireTV 4K, 3rd, Cube Light

To enhance the durability of your favourite gadgets and for them to last long, it is important that they are protected by an added cover on top of it. Many of our readers here and the staff of this website have some sort of phone case on their phones so that they would not break in case they are dropped. Most of us however ignore covering up the remotes for our other gadgets which can be just as susceptible to breaking after being dropped. 

Here in this best Firestick Remote cover for FireTV, we are going to be taking a look at the best covers available in the market. I have been using the FireTV for a good number of years, however, I understood the importance of covering up the remote pretty quickly after my son accidentally dropped it and it broke into two pieces. That is when I decided to invest in some remote covers for my Firestick remote. 

So without wasting any more of your time, I am going to get right into the topic and check out some of the best remote covers available on Amazon right now. I would like to mention that this list is not in any particular order. I am going to list all the best remote covers and you can choose any of these and you are going to be happy with it.

Silicon Cover Case for TV Stick 4K

My first pick on the list of the best Firestick remote covers for FireTV is the Silicon Cover Case for TV Stick 4K by the great people at VSEER. It comes in three very vibrant colours which include red, blue and pink. All of these colours look very beautiful and they do not feel out of place.

The installation process of covering your remote control is extremely simple all you need to do is slide the remote inside the cover and you are done. There are no shenanigans involved during the installation process and you can take the remote cover out and replace it with another cover if you want to do so.

This remote cover is made from premium silicone which gives it a good amount of protection for all sorts of drops. The case is going to absorb the bulk of the impact and spread the stress throughout the cover which maximizes your protection. This cover will ensure that your remote control is kept safe at all times. 

One of the best things that I liked about the Vibrant colours of this remote control case is that it stands out making it very difficult to lose your remote. The dark dull black colour of the firestick remote can make it so that the remote is very easy to lose track of and sometimes it gets lost as well. This remote control case can mitigate that and make it extremely easy for you to spot the remote. 

The Silicon Cover Case for TV stick 4K is compatible with the FireStick 4K 2nd generation. FireStick 4K, TV Cube and FireTV 3rd Generation. So do keep that in mind while placing your order as the compatibility list does not include other Amazon products which may look similar in shape. This case is a great option if you are looking to cover up your remote and keep it safe from accidental drops. 

2 Pack Remote Cover for Fire TV Stick 4K

My next pick on the list for the Best Fire Stick Remote cover goes to the 2 Pack Remote cover for Fire TV stick 4K. Once you order these Remote covers from amazon, you are going to get a pair of them in two different colours. These pairs can be in Blue and Purple, Blue and Orange, Pink and Green, Red and Green, and finally Orange and Pink. 

The build quality of this cover is great and the materials used here are of the highest grade. The cover is made out of soft silicon which gives a wide variety of properties which highly enhance the durability of your Firestick remote control. Once you complete the extremely easy installation process, you will no longer need to worry about your remote.

The hand feel of the remote also enhances greatly once you apply this remote cover. The patterns on the cover give it an extremely ergonomic feel. This makes it extremely easy to grip. Furthermore, the remote control also becomes more shockproof and can withstand drops from even high places. 

The 2-pack remote cover for Fire Tv Stick 4K is compatible with a wide range of amazon Fire products. The compatibility list includes FireStick TV 4K 2nd Generation, Firestick 4K, Fire TV cube, and Amazon Fire TV 3rd Generation. Some similar-looking Amazon remote controls are not compatible with this cover so do not order it for them. However, if you have a compatible product, then buy it to experience some of the best protection for your remote.

Firestick Remote Cover F Stick TV

There is a lot of keyword stuffing that has happened in the Amazon listing of this remote cover however let not that distract you from the amazing quality of this product. The Firestick Remote cover from the folks at Hi Color is one of the best Amazon Firestick Remote covers you can find right now in the market. 

There is a wide range of colours available here to you which include stealthy colours like black to the most vibrant colours like purple, red and pink. The package you get once you order this remote cover includes the Silicon cover, a wrist strap, an iron sheet and a magnet. My favourite thing here is the wrist strap which I sometimes put on my wrist to not drop the remote at times. 

The installation process of applying this cover is also extremely easy. All you need to do is slide your amazon fire remote inside the shell of the cover. No voodoo is required for the application of this cover and you are done in just a few seconds.

Once you are done with the application of this cover, you notice a few huge improvements. The very first improvement you notice is that no matter how many times you drop the remote, there is not going to be a single scratch on it. All the damage that is withstood is being withstood by the cover itself. The remote also stays safe from the dust which is another advantage of this cover.

The hand feel of the remote is also enhanced after the application of this cover. The pattern on the back allows it to not slip from your hand which is yet another great option for added durability. The added magnets allow this remote to be hung at any place inside your house which is great for storing the remote.

The list of compatible Firestick remotes includes Firestick 4K and Firestick 2nd Generation. FireTV 3rd Generation. There are some remotes that are not compatible which include FireStick Tv 1st generation and the basic Fire Tv remote. 

TOLUOHU 3 Pack Silicone Cover Case for Alexa Voice Remote

If you are someone that wants a case with some of the best protection for your remote while at the same time looking funky then the TOLUOHU 3 Pack Silicone Cover case is the product for you. This remote cover is available in three colours which include blue, green and orange which are all vibrant colours. These vibrant colours allow you to spot the remote very easily even in a dark room.

The design of this remote cover is very funky looking as I mentioned earlier. The bunny ears can be used to pick the remote up while at the same time giving an added layer of protection from drops. The hand feel of the remote is also ergonomically friendly and it gives an extra grip to you. The installation process of the TOLUOHU is extremely easy. All you need to do here is to slide the remote into the open holes and you are done. No extra steps are required. 

Once you are done with the installation process, you will feel a clear improvement in the overall durability of the remote. I did a few drop tests with the remote cover applied and I did not notice a single scratch even after dropping it from a considerably higher place. All in all, this is a great remote cover which you should get for your firestick remote.

There is a multitude of Amazon remotes compatible with this product which include Fire Stick 3rd generation, Firestick 4K, FireTV cube and Fire TV 3rd generation. There can be similar-looking Amazon remotes which may not be compatible with this remote cover so do your due diligence and only buy if your remote is on the compatibility list.

Anti-Slip and Dust-Proof Silicone Remote Cover with Lanyard for FireTV

Our final pick in the list of the best Firestick Remote covers goes to the Anti-slip and dust-proof Silicone Remote cover with Lanyard for FireTV. Once you order this remote cover off amazon you are going to receive two covers and two lanyards in your packaging. The remote cover comes in different colours which include purple, black, blue, and orange. Both of these colours look absolutely beautiful and are vibrant enough that you are never going to lose track of your remote control. 

The application of this remote control cover is also very simple. The only thing you need to do here is to just slide the remote control inside the silicone skin and you are done. There are no added steps required here and you can do it in just under a minute.

Installing this cover is going to highly enhance the durability of your remote control. My own drop tests from various heights have given me good results and I didn’t notice any damage to the remote when all was said and done. The remote also gets a very ergonomic feel to it once you are done with the application making it very easy to hold. 

The lanyard or the wrist strap here is also a very welcome addition to the remote cover as you can slide it onto your wrist. Once you slide the remote to your wrist, you can even forget that it’s there and find it when you want to use it. The lanyard can also be used as a child-friendly tool when they are using the remote. 

The list of remotes compatible with this product includes Amazon FireTV 4K and the FireTV Stick Voice Remote 2nd generation. You should confirm which remote you have so that you are not stuck with the wrong product later on.


Well, this sums up our list of the best Firestick Remote Covers for FireTV and I have listed some of the best covers that I have been using personally. Buying any one of these covers for your remote control is going to extremely enhance the durability of your Amazon FireStick Remote as I have put all of them through their paces in multiple drop tests. The hand grip is also going to get enhanced and you are going to experience that your remote has gotten more ergonomically friendly. 

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